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Protecting public places using automatic number plate recognition

ANPR technology helps detect and prevent organized crime and criminal acts in public places early on.

Jenoptik's automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) solutions help police and security authorities to increase security in public places. VECTOR² ANPR cameras are able to detect suspect vehicles approaching highly populated locations such as government buildings, airports, universities, hospitals, shopping malls and multi-storey car parks. Networks of multiple VECTOR² cameras can be installed around the locations that you are responsible for protecting.

VECTOR² cameras have a high recording rate and automatically transmit data to data centres. TraffiData analysis software evaluates the information in real time, compares it against police watch lists, and automatically reports suspect vehicles. For example, in a security zone around a university, a suspect vehicle is detected by the first camera installed in the network. The software reports that this vehicle is within the safety zone. By passing other ANPR cameras, police and security officers then know precisely where the car is heading enabling them to take appropriate action.

Filters can be defined within the software to reconstruct movement patterns, departure points and links to other vehicles. Criminal profiles can then be created and criminal acts detected. ANPR technology keeps you one step ahead of criminals and is effective in combating organised crime.


  • Efficient: VECTOR² cameras record and identify suspect vehicles in real time.
  • Saves on resources: State-of-the-art technology means savings on personnel and overheads.
  • Targeted: TraffiData filters the ANPR data according to relevant information.
  • Data protection compliant: Compare ANPR data against watch lists, and if no hits are returned, the data is immediately deleted.
  • Successful: ANPR technology has proven itself in international projects over many years.


  • Increased security in public places: Police and security authorities can use Jenoptik’s automatically record number plates and analyse the data in real time.

Protecting public places: Product overview

Automatic number plate recognition using VECTOR2

VECTOR² automatic number plate recognition camera

VECTOR² cameras increase security in public places by having high capture rates and efficiently transmitting data.

TraffiData analysis software

TraffiData analysis software

TraffiData analysis software processes data from VECTOR² cameras in real time to increase security in public places.

Products for the protection of public places

VECTOR2 automatic number plate recognition camera

VECTOR² cameras: Increased security in public places

Jenoptik’s VECTOR² cameras have already proven themselves in international projects, helping the police and security authorities to protect public spaces.

Networks of multiple VECTOR² cameras mean police and security authorities can fully monitor high-risk public spaces such as government buildings, shopping centres and universities. VECTOR2 cameras are particularly powerful and reliably detect any vehicle entering or exiting a security zone. You benefit by being able to integrate new data collection points at any time for temporary or permanent surveillance of roads and public areas.

No matter how many ANPR cameras are in use, or the number of locations monitored, data transmission is fast and secure. All information is collected, processed and evaluated in a data centre. TraffiData software analyses ANPR data in real time, automatically comparing it against watch lists. Police and security officials are then able to quickly identify suspect vehicles and precisely track their movements. This information represents a major advantage in combating organised and other crimes, supporting those responsible for crime prevention and provides greater security in public places.


  • Recording capability: VECTOR² cameras reliably detect all passing vehicles.
  • Automatic: VECTOR² cameras transmit data in real time to a data centre.
  • Efficient: VECTOR² cameras are high-speed saving on time and personnel costs.
  • Durable and reliable: VECTOR² cameras have proven themselves in applications worldwide.


  • Increased security in public places: Police and security authorities are using VECTOR² cameras to automatically record number plates and identify suspect vehicles.

TraffiData analysis software

TraffiData analysis software: Identifying suspect vehicles for the protection of public places

TraffiData analysis software helps police and security authorities combat organised crime effectively and systematically, increasing security in public places.

Protecting public places using big data management: TraffiData software is designed to process and evaluate huge amounts of ANPR data. TraffiData processes and analyses the ANPR data in real time and transmits it to a data centre.

As soon as a vehicle has passed an ANPR camera, the software compares the number plate against watch lists. If the search returns a hit, TraffiData software identifies the vehicle and classifies it as suspect, automatically alerting police and security authorities. Additional ANPR cameras enable suspicious vehicles to be precisely located and tracked, assisting in the prevention of criminal activity.

TraffiData analysis software has advanced search functions and options to define features, allowing for the reconstruction of movement patterns, departure points and links to other vehicles, as well as the creation of criminal profiles and behaviour patterns. This functionality helps in the prevention of criminal acts and the combat of organised crime over the long term.


  • Powerful: TraffiData analysis software can process huge amounts of ANPR data and provide reliable evaluations.
  • Automatic: Police and security authorities are alerted when a suspect vehicle is identified.
  • Fast: TraffiData processes recorded ANPR data in real time.
  • Efficient: Automated big data management saves time and personnel costs.
  • Versatile: A search function and various filters enable TraffiData to be used in different applications.


  • Increased security in public places: TraffiData analysis software evaluates large amounts of ANPR data to increase civil security.

Increase public safety by using intelligent solutions from Jenoptik?

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